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L-Theanine Capsules

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Personalized Supplements for a Happier and Healthier Life

Our L-Theanine 100mg capsules are a dietary supplement that contains a pure and potent form of the amino acid L-Theanine. This unique ingredient is naturally found in tea leaves, specifically green tea, and is known for promoting relaxation and reducing stress without causing drowsiness.

L-Theanine increases certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, which help improve mood and promote well-being. It also helps to reduce the physiological effects of stress, such as high blood pressure, by increasing the activity of the alpha brain waves.

Our L-Theanine capsules are easy to swallow and incorporate into your daily routine. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are free from gluten, dairy, and artificial ingredients. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, providing a two-month supply at a suggested serving of one capsule daily.

L-Theanine is a non-drowsy supplement, and it can be taken at any time of the day, whether on its own or in combination with other supplements, to help you relax and feel more focused. Whether you're dealing with stress at work or home or simply looking to maintain a balanced mood, our L-Theanine capsules can help you find the peace of mind to stay calm and focused throughout the day.

Quantity: 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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